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So, for the past 19 years of my life, I’ve managed to go on saying no to alcohol.
At some point of time I guess I knew it was bound to break down, but I didnt want to believe that I could be that malleable with a decision.
I had liked to think I was stubborn.

But on 15th March,2014, turns out I was proven wrong.
There was one of our supervisors who was leaving, after 6 years of having been with the company.
Sadly enough, we didnt get to work with him as much as we would have liked to, but we got a tiny door of oppurtunity, so I have to grateful for even that much.
That was the night I was made to drink.
And gotta say, drinking is overrated.
I have no plans of getting into it, even now.

Only difference now is, I cant really say I dont drink anymore, cause I have.
And almost two glasses.
Which was VERY,VERY submissive on my part, given my self-promise.

The past so many years though, being a TINY bit of a smarty, and listening to everything everyone says has kinda paid off.
Especially when it comes to something like this.

So, my first time was when my roommate took me to HRC, and I ordered something to drink that sounded yummy, and when I took a couple sips of it, it tasted utterly bitter and horrible.
Like a sour lime gone old, bitter.

And when I asked her, she gave me a reply as if it were the most obvious thing for me to know.
I suppose, being from the kind of background that she is, she would know.
Cant blame her, really.
Was a bit of my own fault.
I never bothered finding out, I just remained too oblivious to it, just because I was not drinking.
And then to cover up the alcohol, I stuffed myself with as much bad burger and fries I could, so the symptoms would nit.
You know? The dizziness, hurting head, vomiting, hangover.
i do not want to ever go through that. In my LIFE.
Just …. what a sour patch. Why would I want that?

So, when I drank my glass of Vodka and Pomegranate juice against my own will, Initially it did not hit me.
And I also kept substituting my sips with chips.
And I had had something to eat before anyway, so I was a bit chill about that.
Then, when I finished my glass, one of my managers, decided I hadnt had any,and I needed to.
So, it was a secret conspiracy against me. =|
And they poured me another, I somehow got through half that glass, and then the party got over, and during the clear up, someone threw the remaining away, which was quite a relief.

I kinda wanna know what I’ll be like when I’m drunk, but I dont ever want to be dependent on someone when I am, which IS what you do end up being.
I meant to tell my Mum, but she didnt bother listening too well, she wanted to hurry off to have a bath. -.-
So much for long distance conversations. =|

Submission is something I dont want to have to go through again, but I probably will have to.

So, gotta keep myself prepared for the next time.
 Cant let it happen again.
That was how it went ‘down’.
Nothing new. (y)
Atleast I remained true to a bit of what I had promised myself.

I’m gonna miss him. ={

Thriving on Recognition

There are always so many books on negativity and all of that, the girl in the corner, the nerdy boy, the limping gentleman, the bald lady.

It’s weird, how some are so good at life, and some just cannot do it.

I think it’s all just based on recognition.

Being in the industry I’m in, it hit me yesterday, after 7 months of having done it.

Everyone thrives on Recognition. Whether secretly or openly, we all do.

Some in the tiny situations, some in big ways.

And Recognition thrives on us.

It’s like a cycle. Like that plant species, or whatever that we learnt about in junior high school. Where one plant survives on the other’s ability to provide food.

Yes, I don’t remember.

See? Even plants need recognition.

So, I’m one of those people, who don’t do very well, without recognition.

It’s like my ultimate aim in life, doesn’t matter what it comes down to.

Even if it means walking in a playing field, and catching someone’s eye, boy or girl, I like the recognition.

So, in the hotel, we have a guest recognition system, and I was extremely good at it.

I used to get recognised a LOT.

Mainly because I had the time and I was in a department where I was made to interact with guests. So I THRIVED.

Then they shifted me to sub-departments, where there’s not much scope for recognition.

Initially I lived, I fought it, but it’s beginning to survive on me and not the other way around.

It’s thriving on ME.

I havent received recognition in quite a while, apart from one a few days ago, but that doesn’t count.


I cant stand not being recognised.

I’m also learning how imperative it is to plan. Concierges aren’t very chill people, if they are, they turn into not so chill people when they start doing the job of a concierge.

It’s sad, but it’s true.

Then again, the truth’s always better.


New aim in life identified.


When you leave school, everyone always refers to you as a ‘big’ person.

But are you?

Are you ready for everything that’s coming?

Hurdles, Races, Choices, Consequences?

Possibly not.

We’re still just learning. We’re new at it. We’re not the examples.

Till you find out you are.

The day you find out for the first time you’ve lost a friend, someone you knew, someone that wasnt your uncle/aunt/relation, but someone YOU made friends with.

That’s the day it turns real.

19th January, the day I lost a friend. The day it just didnt sink in.

And the day after.

Noone can make you understand that you’ve lost someone, it’s only something you can come to terms with on your own.

It’s a complete shock I suppose, no matter how close or how distant that person is from you.

You’re never ready for it. Not at the age of 19, to find out, someone your age, a friend, has left, has driven off, into the distance, never to be seen again.

To me, I’m still clueless, I dont know what it is. I spoke to my friends, my Mum, nothing seems like it’s happened.

As much as people have told me.

Probably cause I didnt hang out with him lately, but nonetheless.

My only explanation for it is you only find out when you hang out, and that person is missing.

When that person’s Whatsapp picture or status does not change.

When their Facebook will never have witty replies.

That’s probably when it’s gonna feel sad.

Stupidity, but at the expense of a life?

More reasons to never drink.

I’ll miss you Michael. I can imagine you being here, being all weird and happy.

But the truth is you’ll just never be here again.

Did you have to be such a chancetaker? Did you?

I suppose you did. You’re the one who had to teach us.

You will be missed.

You took me on my first Bangalore scooty drive. Much was said, Much was done.

Talk soon, okay?



So I like what I do, rather I love it, I enjoy it.
That’s what’s supposed to happens, so that’s taken care of, but then there’s the rest.

So rest in this case could go both ways, rest as in physically resting or chilling. And rest as in the remaining.

They both need to be taken care of.

I haven’t posted in ages.

For those who don’t recall, which is most likely just me, I started off on the 6th of July. The Orientation.

Then on the 8th, we started actual work.

Now, Bangalore was my dream placement, given all the relations and cousins that I have here. All my favourite.

AND my Godparents. Who would rather stay away? No normal person.

So, another plus.

Then we have the people that I work with, some are kick-butt awesome, some have left, some are yet to go and some I will be with for the next 3 years.


But, there’s some pretty cool employees I get to work with.

And even cooler ones, I didnt and will not get to work with. -,-

What a lovely life.
So, I’m stuck. Either enjoy the time I’m not working with these people, WITH them, or to not enjoy my time so much with the people that will be here for the next 3 years.



Returning the Favour

Since we were about 4 years old and could read, we were taught, if you want to be respected, give respect.
Only now do I realise, that the hotel industry is the BEST place to find validation of the same.
So, everytime I’m walking down a corridor and I pass fellow workers, I always wish.
I’m a bit of a nerd that way.
‘Cause when we had had our property rounds, that is what we were told.
So, I still do it.
The weird thing about the way I do it, though, is that, if there are 10 people passing by, one after the other,I will wish every single one of the ten. In continuity.
So, that’s crazy.
But, yesterday, I was walking back to my locker, and I didn’t wish anyone, but then our HR Manager passed me, and he wished me.
And then, the systems guy passed by, and he wished me.
They never did that before.
Hence proven.
You get what you give.

Recognised and Excited! =D

As of today, 

6th October, Sunday, 2013

I have 5 recognitions from guests. Which is Awesome! 
Let’s tabulate those.
There was the first who was Mr. Li, who left me a Sun Microsystems mini alarm clock, which was pretty cool.
Then there was Mr. Burns, which I think was the coolest because he SOMEHOW found out my name and left me a guest recognition, which was quite the pleasant surprise.
I can’t seem to remember the others.
There was Mr. Gifford, that not only left me a note but $15 too, which obviously I couldn’t keep.
And, Ms. Hill that wrote me a thankyou note for having gifted her a scarf.
I might have got some more, but I really don’t recall having got any notes from them.
The aim is to get 25 by 1 Jan,2014, which I think is quite possible.
I do have some anon ones, but then I don’t know if that’s me for sure or not, and no details were specified, so ……
I need to start making more blogs. I shall begin soon.
Today is the beginning of my second night shift, in vain hopes to stay up all night.
Ms. Faridi and Ms. Coates are checking in today, that’s gonna be fun! =D

Confused Happiness

So, today was an epic day.
I’ve been doing a morning shift for a day or so now.
Today was the day I made the mistake of snoozing my alarm and going back to sleep for the hundredth time. And not waking up in time.
I got up at 8 and only reported for shift at 9 a.m.
Gratefully, no shoutings heard! *sigh*
The day was amazing.
So, I like people,I hope it shows.
I try and make conversation with people as much as possible, and as much as I’d like to sit forever and have a conversation with them,I can’t.
I’M time restricted. It can get quite annoying.
I still made a couple more guest friends today though.
Ms.Rai,Ms.Ohri,Mr.Clark,Mr.Hodson and Ms.Strawbridge!
And then before we left, we were told we had to do a PO15 or we wouldn’t leave.
And then Amit Kaul, decided I needed to dust Bell Desk all over again. =|
And then because I couldn’t think up anything to give them, I felt like crying.
I almost did. It was quite annoying really.
But, then came along Mr.Clark and made my day all better.
All these guests are very @.@

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